Muddied Prayers seeks to encourage Christian discipleship primarily through four types of posts: prayers; litanies for communal worship gatherings; devotionals that engage scripture; and reflections on personal and communal practices of spiritual disciplines. While providing parameters for the content included here, these four categories represent only a small aspect of Christian discipleship, particularly focused on communal worship and personal faith formation.

For Christians, this faith formation (traditionally called, “discipleship”) is a way of life centered in the person of Jesus Christ. As my friend John is fond of saying, “Christian discipleship is apprenticeship in the way of Jesus.” Such an apprenticeship involves learning to live like Jesus from birth to death and stretches through every area of life.  In order to encourage this whole life apprenticeship, resources related to worship and faith formation will be highlighted as well.


Muddied Prayers has been running since 2009 as my personal blog. While many of the earlier posts reflect the above content focus, some of the reflections focused more narrowly on the issues in the Christian Reformed Church (the denomination I call home) and others more broadly on the missional church movement. These posts will stay in the archives of Muddied Prayers. With the renewed focus here on worship and faith formation, I also have launched a new personal blog, www.christopherjschoon.com, where I engage a wider range of conversations.

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