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Your Daughter’s Hand…

I remember making that nerve-racking phone call.

Me: “Mr. H., I have a question to ask you.”
Mr. H. “Hold on. I think Mrs. H. better be on the other phone for this one.” Mrs. H. picks up the other phone.
Me with trembling voice: “Okay. Mr. & Mrs. H., I would like to ask your permission to ask your daughter for her hand in marriage?” 
Mrs. H. “You only want her hand? What about the rest of her? Don’t you want all of her?” 

Yep. That was my (now) mother-in-law’s quick-witted response to my nervous fumbling over how to ask them for their blessing on our plans to get engaged and married. “Don’t you want all of her?”

How do you respond to that?! I am sure I stammered out some sort of response – though even now, I’m not sure that it was even halfway intelligible – and they graciously helped me finish the conversation and gave us their blessing.

My mother-in-law’s question “Don’t you want all of her?” has stuck with me. And though the context is somewhat different, I have found myself reflecting on it quite a bit lately.

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Missional Metaphors – Salt and Light

“You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:13, 14)

I find Jesus’ juxtaposition of salt and light in this passage absolutely fascinating. I started reflecting on these two images of salt and light in my master’s thesis. I’ve picked them up a couple of times in my doctoral work as well. And I find myself still digging into them to mine the depth of meaning and understanding that is within them. After listening to my denomination’s recent discussion about whether or not to adopt a request that would require the denomination to develop a detailed plan for implementing the Great Commission, I have found myself coming back to these two metaphors again. Continue reading


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